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Rehginald Ragos


Reggie is a Registered Physiotherapist who completed his Master's  Degree in Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto. He became passionate about rehabilitation and recovery after his own injuries - ranging from ankle sprains, fractures, and an ACL injury. Rehabilitation providers not only supported him through his physical recovery, but also helped guide him through the emotional and mental hurdles that came with sustaining such injuries. In the clinic, he hopes to pay this forward to his own patients by providing individualized and thorough care. 


In treatment sessions, he focuses on: 

1) Calming the region down - using manual therapy, acupuncture, or other modalities.

2) Building it back up - curating an individualized exercise program to improve the strength of the affected and associated regions.

3) Education - providing recommendations to modify activities or self-manage the injury at home. 


Additionally, he has completed additional training in concussion and vestibular rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, and acupuncture. Outside the clinic, Reggie can either be seen on the court shooting hoops, on the green hitting pars, or in the gym chasing PRs.

Aside from English, Reggie is fluent in Tagalog and can conduct appointments in either language.

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